Accessibility Needs: The purpose of the special needs chair is to assure A.A. accessibility to all persons wanting such, but especially those with physical impairments such as hearing, vision or other physical problem, but also includes those chronically ill, mentally ill or homebound. This includes giving such people access to materials (audio, visual, and braille), organizing special transport to meetings for those needing it or possibly bringing meetings to those unable to attend existing meetings. This person should keep in contact with other A.A. members working with special needs people to be aware of all opportunities or changes that may be implemented in this area.

ACCESSIBILITY NEEDS: Matters regarding carrying the AA message to those who have Special Needs or accessibility challenges. All inquiries from Special Needs Committees in the US and Canada.
AA Guidelines on Serving Alcoholics with Special Needs (reprinted from

In District 41, we have a need to get people to an AA meeting, for people who don’t have cars or a driver’s license. No one that wants to attend AA meetings should miss attending an AA meeting because of the lack of transportation! Requirements for a driver volunteer should be:
– Continuous sobriety for at least 9 months
– Dependability
– A driver’s license & car insurance
Remember, you may be the initial point of contact for AA and their first impression of Alcoholics Anonymous. The driver volunteer should also have a deep appreciation of the Fellowship and the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous
Driver volunteers are only expected to pick up the person at their residence and drop them off at the same residence. The driver volunteer is not to be used to help people do their errands or as a cabbie. The primary purpose is to transport the person to an AA meeting.DOWNLOAD ACCESSBILITY NEEDS DRIVER VOLUNTEER FORM PDF


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