Archives: Questions and inquiries regarding the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and the administration of the G.S.O. archives.
AA Guidelines on Archives (reprinted from GSO)

The mission of the archivist is to be aware of all information available regarding A.A., to make this information accessible to district A.A. members and other researcher, and to provide a context for understanding A.A.’s progression, principles and traditions. The archivist will:

  • Receive, classify and index all relevant district material, such as administrative files and records, correspondence, and literary works and artifacts considered to have historical importance to the district
  • Hold and preserve such material
  • Provide access to these materials, as determined by the archivist in consultation with other committee members
  • Serve as a resource and laboratory to stimulate and nourish learning
  • Provide information services to assist the operations of the district
  • Promote knowledge and understanding of the origins, goals and programs of Alcoholics Anonymous, both at the district and national levels
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