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Workshops:The purpose of the workshop chair is to help stimulate, expand, and sometimes explain various subjects and concepts of the A.A. program to interested members and groups regarding various facets of the A.A. program. This is done by soliciting ideas and subjects considered important to individuals and groups within our local A.A. community, then delving into available information regarding these proposed subjects and finally presenting these findings to the attending A.A. members in an appropriate manner and setting.
The chair should recruit, train and motivate volunteers to help facilitate district efforts to put on informative and educational workshops. These tasks should include:

  • booking a meeting space for workshops.
  • arrange for room setup and cleanup.
  • arrange for food and refreshments
  • manage publicity for all workshops, including flyer, and announcements
  • annually seek/propose workshop topics, and upon committee approval, set up a calendar for the year


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